How to Stand Out With Your Ecommerce Photography

How to Stand Out With Your Ecommerce Photography

How to Stand Out With Your Ecommerce Photography

As Australian consumers increasingly embrace the convenience of online shopping, ecommerce retailers must constantly look for new ways to stand out in the competitive digital world.

The way your products are showcased on your website is one of the most important factors in attracting customers and boosting sales. But for today’s consumers, a straightforward product shot is no longer enough – they want engaging, dynamic content that lets them view the product almost as if they were seeing it in real life.

So how can online retailers stay ahead of the latest digital trends and give their audience what they want? Here are three simple solutions to bring your website imagery to life.


1.    Get Moving with Video

Visitors who watch an online video are 64% more likely to make a purchase – making this engaging medium an ideal platform for showcasing your products.

A fashion video shot on model is a great way of showing how a garment reacts to movement, while a slow-motion clip of intricate items such as jewellery helps to illustrate finer details. Product demonstrations can also be used to provide customers with more information in a dynamic way.

Professional ecommerce videos are proven to dramatically increase conversion rates, decrease product returns, and help boost search engine rankings.

Watch the video:

2.    Go for a Spin with 360 Degree Animations

360 degree animations (or ‘spins’) are a great choice for products that are best viewed from every angle, such as high-end shoes and handbags.

By enabling users to interact with the image directly – by clicking, dragging, and spinning – 360 degree photography helps to get visitors more involved with your site as they engage with the product.

These animations can also incorporate other compelling features, such as ‘hot spots’ that highlight specific areas of the product in order to provide more information.

Click and spin the image: 

3.    Bring it to Life with Ghost Mannequin

A simple and cost-effective way of adding depth and volume to your fashion garment imagery, ghost mannequin photography (also called invisible mannequin) provides online shoppers with a realistic idea of what the product looks like.

A popular style with many online fashion brands, ghost mannequin photography provides a more high-end visual appeal than standard mannequin or flat lay photography, while showcasing garments in a lifelike way.


When it comes to ecommerce content, variety is key. Supplement traditional photography with rich media and alternative image styles to stay current and engage your online audience.

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