Ghost Mannequin Photography

Fashion Photography: Ghost Mannequin / Invisible Mannequin Photography, Mannequin Photography and Flat Lay Photography

Pioneering the Invisible Mannequin Technique in Australia

Working in London at the very start of ecommerce photography’s rapid rise, StyleShot Director Daniel Hill was part of the team responsible for pioneering the invisible mannequin technique that has since taken the ecommerce world by storm.

Bringing this innovative technique back to Sydney, StyleShot now produces thousands of ghost mannequin images every week for some of the largest fashion retailers in Australia.

Creating Your Invisible Mannequin Images in 3 Simple Steps:

  1. Garment is carefully prepared, styled, pinned and clipped by stylist.
  2. Your product is shot by one of our experienced fashion photographers.
  3. The image is worked on in-house by a highly-skilled retoucher to achieve a flawless 3D invisible mannequin effect.

Keen to see our invisible mannequin technique in action? Take a look at our fashion photography portfolio

Mannequin Photography, Flat Lay Photography and More

Aside from invisible mannequin photography, StyleShot can advise on and deliver a range of alternative options to effectively promote your fashion product, including:

  • Mannequin photography (mannequin left in-shot) – great when displaying entire outfits in one image.
  • Flat lay photography, such as stylish hanging arrangements or creatively positioning garments as a stack.
  • Close-up shots to showcase specific details of garments, e.g. texture, buttons or stitching
  • Colour swatches to illustrate the colour range available for a certain product.

To discover how we can enhance your product images with innovative fashion photography, visit our fashion photography portfolio

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